Rabu, 24 Oktober 2018

The 2019 Audi e-tron Is Far More Radical Than It Looks or Drives

It has been a long, moderate voyage, yet the goal is close nearby. Audi previously demonstrated an electric E-Tron idea at the 2009 Frankfurt automobile expo. After about a time of prematurely ended dispatches, the principal generation spec Audi EV is set to hit the market one year from now, having shed its capitalization and referred to just as the e-tron. In front of its entry, we made a trip to southern Africa to drive a model in Namibia. 

We've just educated you regarding the vehicle's specialized features and Audi's strong plans to offer it in the United States without stocking the auto at dealerships, so the greatest unanswered inquiry is the way it drives. We can just start to answer that here, as our aggregate involvement in different precedents was around 20 precisely oversaw miles, led altogether on free surfaces. 

While the e-tron looks strong and great looking underneath the mask wrap on the autos we drove, it's hard not to feel somewhat disillusioned by the absence of configuration brave. The Jaguar I-Pace figures out how to look both alluring and clearly unique in relation to that organization's different items, however the e-tron could get lost between its kin in a character march. Measure shrewd, it is viably a Q6, its 115.1-inch wheelbase being 4.1 inches longer than the Q5's and 2.8 inches shorter than the Q7's. 

The lodge feels comparatively photocopied. The Virtual Cockpit computerized instrument group gets an overhaul that incorporates a power measure (in percent) where the tachometer regularly lives. There's additionally another style outfit selector highlighting a little slider switch; what resembles the handle is in reality only a handrest. Else it pursues the Audi content without cushioning a solitary line, getting a similar split-touchscreen infotainment framework that made its presentation in the new A6 and A7. The nature fills a need, we're told, as Audi needs to make it as simple as feasible for existing proprietors to relocate to its new electric auto. The usage is intentionally less radical than the innovation. 

First Driving Impressions 

A light air ship conveys us to Bitterwasser, around 100 miles from the Namibian capital of Windhoek. The explanation behind Audi's decision of setting is evident in transit in. A sizable salt skillet surges amid the extremely periodic rains yet in addition fills in as an unrehearsed runway for the many lightweight planes that come here consistently, attracted by the capacity to ride the thermals made when the African warmth experiences the Atlantic cool. There are no lightweight flyers today, yet Audi has set apart out a seminar on the finely evaluated free surface with an assortment of corners and two or three longish straights. 

Albeit dependent on a vigorously adjusted adaptation of Audi's current MLB stage, instead of the anticipated PPE design that is being co-created with Porsche, the e-tron completes a fine occupation of concealing its sizable 95.0-kWh lithium-particle battery pack, which sits underneath the floor without unduly influencing ground leeway. Standard air springs take into account variable ride stature, fit for bringing down the vehicle 1.0 inch at speed in its Dynamic mode yet in addition of expanding ride tallness by up to 1.4 inches when changed to its Offroad mode (and a further 0.6 inch in Raise mode), something that proved to be useful when we were permitted to put the e-tron over some tolerably strenuous impediments in the desert. (Other Drive Select modes are Auto, Comfort, Efficiency, Individual, and Allroad.) Audi says the battery pack with its mounting support gauges a generous 1543 pounds, yet its situating implies the e-tron has a lower focal point of gravity than any of the brand's different SUVs, and we're informed that the quality of its defensive fenced in area additionally adds to the e-tron's torsional unbending nature. 

Indeed, even on a soil surface unmistakably, despite the fact that the e-tron feels acceptably fast for a two-and-three-quarter-ton SUV, it comes up short on the desperation that top of the line EV purchasers may hope to discover. More often than not, the e-tron has 360 drive available to its, however that number increments to 402 for up to eight seconds when Boost mode is initiated (gotten to by ground surface the quickening agent with the transmission in Sport). Audi claims a 6.6-second zero-to-62-mph time with the auto in its normal mode and 5.7 seconds in Boost mode. Audi USA guarantees a 5.5-second zero-to-60-mph time in Boost however has no gauge for the customary mode. Looking at industrial facility asserts, that implies the e-tron is an entire second behind the likewise great Jaguar I-Pace. 

However, Audi's specialists are quick to accentuate that the auto has been intended for something beyond straight-line execution, and they're especially pleased with the electric all-wheel-drive framework that has earned the e-tron its Quattro identification. The back engine can deliver up to 221 pull, while the front engine can include 181 horses. Torque heads to singular wheels through ordinary open differentials, and it carries over every pivot in light of individual brakes acting to moderate a slipping wheel. That influences the framework to appear to be less best in class than the mechanical torque vectoring that is progressively regular in execution autos, yet we're told the brake-based framework was maintained a strategic distance from the proficiency misfortunes that would have originated from a functioning setup. (In spite of the fact that we don't have EPA figures yet, Audi is asserting a 250-mile go under the European testing convention.) Ultra-exact footing detecting and engine control is important to make it work; the e-tron can respond to a surface change in only 30 milliseconds. 

Taking a Spin in the Salt 

While cornering on the tricky surface of the salt skillet, the e-tron displays an opening gambit of understeer—however then the electronic mind begins to dial up the back torque and brake within back wheel to enable the auto to turn. The impact turns out to be particularly more detectable in the solidness control's Sport mode; turn off security control and the e-tron turns into an e-float machine. Indeed, certifiable pertinence is restricted, however it's surely fun. What's more, notwithstanding the eight-second point of confinement, the Boost capacity can be utilized ceaselessly—lift the quickening agent for only a few seconds and it ends up accessible once more. 

Braking is noteworthy, as well, with halting taken care of by an electrohydraulically helped framework. Up to 0.30 g of braking is finished with recovery, in spite of the fact that the e-tron still has significant 14.8-inch circles in advance held by six-cylinder calipers; the back rotors have a width of 13.8 inches. The equipment looks like pointless excess for an EV and has been picked because of the requirement for the e-tron to have the capacity to coordinate the deceleration of comparably measured Audis in a frenzy stop—this will be the heaviest Audi in the lineup. The brake pedal has Audi's standard light help, however it demonstrated simple to adjust, and there was no feeling of the regen and grating frameworks joining their endeavors. In the Offroad mode, the ABS will permit a wedge of earth (or snow) to develop under the front tires to help stop all the more rapidly on free surfaces. 

Our short drive didn't allow to evaluate fast ride or refinement, yet the air springs took care of knocks without protest. One major dissatisfaction was the much-ballyhooed virtual side mirrors. We cherish the possibility of a camera-based framework—automobile fair ideas have been prodding us with this for a considerable length of time—yet the truth attempted to convey. The screens are mounted lower on the entryway boards than where your cerebrum has been prepared to look, and in spite of the fact that the picture is clear and offers an auto-zoom work at speed, even its most splendid setting was no counterpart for the African sun, prompting a respite while your eyes change in accordance with the diverse light level. Try not to be excessively tragic that there are no plans to bring that tech stateside. 

The e-tron shrouds its radicalism well. It is a fearless new course for Audi and will turn into the vanguard of a progression of e-tron– marked EVs. Early introductions are promising, and the quantity of stores effectively taken in the United States proposes that Audi's delicate way to deal with zap may function admirably for the brand.