Selasa, 02 Oktober 2018

Come on, Get to Know the Color Trend of 2018 Minimalist Home Paint that is Simple but Elegant

Who does not know the color of the dominant minimalist house paint? Yup, the color paint of a minimalist house that is still the most popular architectural style today is always synonymous with white.

2018 minimalist home paint color trends show a striking contrast between the "existing" and "nonexistent" colors, and the mix between whatever is in between. That is, on the one hand you want to go back to the minimalist house paint color principle that emphasizes simplicity which is a simple, simple, honest and minimalist design, and on the other hand, you want a home design that looks more attractive, prominent, and of course elegant.

Minimalist home paint colors 2018: Old colors, new patterns
The following 2018 minimalist home paint color trends retain the main principles of minimalist architecture without sacrificing your own style and personality.

1. Soft neutral color
There is nothing wrong with white. You will be amazed to see so many white variants on the market. If you have difficulty choosing a minimalist home color paint, mix white with neutral colors that will make it easier for you to choose other minimalist home color paint combinations. Some of which you can choose are beige, gray, beige, and so on. Simple, right?

The simple minimalist home design below uses a combination of white and gray and is accentuated by the accents of the black paint grille and fence.

2. Monochromatic color scheme
While maintaining a minimalist architectural style in 2017, the monochromatic color palette scheme will remain a 2018 minimalist house paint color trend. This means you will see more houses using the same range of paint colors. However, the lack of contrast and accent on most minimalist home color paints will encourage designers to choose a more experimental and bold color blend.

Related to other minimalist design elements, the monochromatic scheme takes over the visual dominance of the design to make it more attractive and easy to understand. That is, monochromatic color schemes can accentuate accents, not compete for attention.

Bright colors are very interesting and striking. That is, including a variety of bold colors that can create chaos in the design of your home. However, a monochromatic color scheme can overcome this dilemma.

Monochromatic color schemes from color combinations of shades, tones, and tints will produce a spectrum with a wide selection of minimalist home paint color combinations for each part of your home design. Consider the house below, which uses a monochromatic color scheme with a brown base color.

3. Is the color cool or warm?
If you paint the walls with cool colors (green, blue, purple, or gray), mix it with a white variant that also has a cool white impression.

Likewise, if you choose a warmer minimalist home color paint (shades of red, brown, orange, yellow, or peach), choose a white variant that has a little warmth.

The choice of color tone here will be more pronounced when applied as a color paint in the interior (interior), compared to the exterior of the house, because you will stay longer in it and feel the impact immediately. It is recommended to choose a cool indoor color paint if you build a house in a hot area, and vice versa, choose a warm indoor paint color if you build a house / villa in a cold climate.

4. Like contrast?
The understanding of many people about minimalist home design is a look that seems familiar and is considered stale. However, the addition of contrast can prevent this, although only as an aesthetic choice. The design examples below use contrasting dark gray and orange tones with soft yellow tints to form visually striking patterns.

5. White & texture
As in previous years, 2018 minimalist home paint color trends will also highlight the texture as a contrasting accent with white paint. You don't like too much color? Use this creative solution to create an eye-catching design, but still emphasize the simple but elegant principle of minimalist design.

6. Bright alloy & texture
Although textures are always popular with a neutral background, with the right blend, 2018 minimalist house paint color trends will use textures combined with bright colors for striking and very captivating results.

The design below uses white paint colors combined with bright yellow and textures produced from architectural elements such as windows, poles, grilles, and so on.

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